.STP on a MAC

Is it possible to view .stp files on a mac using any freeware or commercial software?


Cobalt might be able to open a step file. Get a pc.

Maya might have a converter. Or Cinema 4D. I love my mac, but I have to use my windows box for most 3D work, simply because that’s what people write the programs for.

The exception is rendering…I can stick a Maya file on my nice fast DP G5 and let it render while I work on other things on the laptop.

Or you could try the MacBook Pro, which runs windows software. I am not trying to start a PC vs Apple fight. Just food for thought?

Well, he did say software. I dunno if he’s necessarily looking for a new computer :slight_smile:

With Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt you don’t need a PC. It runs on both Mac and PC. (It first ran on the Mac only, until W95, then ran on both).

Cobalt will import/export STEP files, but Cobalt is $4k.

They also have Xenon, for $3k, that is Cobalt less the parametrics and associative assembly tools. Xenon will also import/export STEP.

There are CAD conversion service bureaus that can convert CAD formats for you…