this week i started my summer coursees to get ahead of my generation of ID, i’m taking 3 subjects:
•Industrial Drawing
•Theory and Critizicing Architecture and Design

i’m sorry if i misspelled them in spanish they’re called:

Antropometria, Dibujo Industrial and Teoria y Critica en Arquitectura y Diseño…

the main idea of this discussion is…
i’m taking the suject of Industrial Drawing, but my teacher said the real name was “Storyboarding”, and we are drawing like… cartoon characters, and we are telling jokes and putting those jokes in storyboards…

Is this (Storyboarding) usefull at all?

It might be useful if you’re an Illustration major.
See if you can find a Perspective for IDS class that deals with plans and elevations.

Storyboarding can be an exceptional tool for explaining your ideas.

Also, in my opinion, learning to draw people and figures hones your drawings skills more than technical drawing.

It’s definitely useful - stick with it. Keep in mind that a lot of people in other disciplines (Marketing, Engineering, etc.) can’t necessarily visualize things as well as some of us can. Having the ability to do user-scenario drawings is a great tool. It helps people understand your ideas - it’s a language.

Also, if you’re a user interface/experience designer where your work is largely intangible, user scenario drawings help communicate the intent of your product/application. I’ve done a ton of work like this for Motorola.

Sometimes you need these kind of drawings to test things in focus groups, too. I’ve done a lot of work like that for Proctor & Gamble.

yup, storyboarding is useful and a great way to show the use and context of a product, especially one that involves a specific user interaction.

a storyboard can be in “cartoon” style, illustration style, photostyle, pretty much anything that communicates a series of steps or “story”. I dunno about inserting jokes (it’s not a comic strip per se), but often does take the form of a less technical, “real-life” walkthrough.

as an example, here’s one I did for a school project a long time ago explaining the function and interaction of a new person-person communication device.



THAT is some hot stuff!

nice… but whats with the “no face” thing. you’re not the first person i’ve seen recently doing vector work people with no faces. not too long ago i saw a folio with vector storyboarded people with all facial features except mouths… bizarre.

for one, it was done about 7+ years ago…

the no faces thing (and also the kinda blocky linework) was not really a specific artistic choice per se, but moreso just a way to get the work done quickly and more efficiently. everything was drawn over photos (some stock, some i had friends pose for), just using the pencil tool in illustrator. with a mouse. yep, no paths, no tablet.

in any case, the facial features are not really that important to the story (although happy faces would be nice i guess), and i do find that faces is something that can look really whacked if not 100% right on. the brain seems to be able to take more artistic license with body parts than faces…


Thanks a lot guys, i’m sticking with my Subject, we are now making some ad-like story board for a product, thanks a lot.