Storyboard - Experience Digitization

In an effort to expand my skill base, I sought to create a storyboard for a conceptual project based around capturing ideas, tuning experiences and ‘reliving’ those tuned experiences. My goals for the project were to 1. practice telling a compelling story and 2.practice illustrating a storyboard. I’d love to hear any feedback on the idea, specific illustration style sketching style, or whatever comments you may have!

I think it is illustrated well. The pill thing is a bit of a turn off for me, especially since that arm band could record heart rate a lot easier than it could record video. I think a smarter play would be to have the arm band record sound and heart rate and have a couple of 360 degree cameras imbedded in the board.

Illustrated storyboard for the win!

I’ll tell you industrial design and illustration don’t necessarily overlap on a day-to-day basis, but what you have here very clearly ILLUSTRATES (haha) your design intent, at least concept-wise. It may not be world-class illustration, but the story is told in a clear way, and that’s what it’s about right? Visual communication.

Well done.

Wow - thanks for the fast feedback!

@ Yo I understand where you are coming from on the pill aspect of the project. I agree that the pill is intrusive - the idea of swallowing a digital receptor is foreign. It came down to decision between having the pill read all of the minute data giving off by the body (more conceptual) and limiting the data read by what can be captured on the arm and placing a camera there (more practical). I think since the visuals were ‘present day’ it didn’t convey that this was intended to be more of a future scenario?

Thanks for the feedback!

I Also think the arm is a bad position for a camera because of movement.

I think your first and second pages are illustrated and composed well. The third feels a little sparse. Squint while you look at the thumbnail view…
I’d make the 3 labels more prominent and not rotated 90deg. I totally missed them the 1st read through and they’re kind of important to frame and limit what’s going on/ being explained. Otherwise it feels like an excerpt from something that I may or may not want to keep reading.

I’d pop the pill and particles out as a 4th color or highlight them somehow. I like the limited pallete, but it might be cool to show some kind of glow or “on” effect when the guy is in the “record” then “relive” mode.

If it’s that “future” why don’t the nanotech sync particles just pass through the skin from the armband. Like a nicotine patch. They have those pneumatic drug injections things now.

I don’t think there is a camera on the band, I think you eyes are the camera, hears are the microphone, etc. It’s recording all of your senses as sensed by you. That’s my reading at least. I think the storyboard is done well, but if the two of us are having different readings of the basic function perhaps that needs to be made clearer.

That’s a wild concept and a great illustration of it.

You’re correct. That was the original design intent. It sounds like there needs to be another panel that explains that better.

@ Brett_nyc - I like the idea about the particles that sync with the band without the need of the pill to transmit…

Extraneous stuff here as far as the concept. Seems like all you need is the pill which would diffuse transmitters and recievers to your brain- could be an inhaler- could be a lollipop. You dont need external screens. You just need to think of one.
As noted before you already have eyes ears etc: perhaps the pills have gene modifiers that give you eagle eyes or incredibly sensitive touch. Or the nano bots could form extra muscle fibre.

If you’ve got something as delicate as memory in a pill then all the other devices are just clunky and inelegant.

Orson Scott Card wrote a sci-fi book named “Treason”- one of the chapters deals with a race that has psionic powers that allow them to project a virtual reality into the minds of those around. They end up being filthy in reality because they can create a dream that was beautiful any second. Interesting overlap here.

Regarding the illustrations-great! Maybe a little more contrast would help- I didnt get the feeling of a sunny holiday being captured, but it really trigger some nice thoughts here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback - I really appreciate it. I’ve made a couple of modifications to hopefully clarify the message of the concept. For this round, it seemed like most of the comments focused on the ‘record’ portion, so the ‘tune’ and ‘relive’ remain the same other than some minor changes. If you have any comments - I would love to hear them.

Looks awesome, though there’s a typo in the last sequence. “Once the experience is tuned buy the user.”