Stormtrooper Blaster- CNC Mold Needed-Solidworks Parts

Hello Model Shops,

I am looking to create some resin Stormtrooper blasters. Does anybody know of a source to create a mold (REN) so I can create a few blasters at home?

This was built in Solidworks.


Later we can play Dungeons & Dragons.

Unless you have money to burn do not go with SLA pluss it will break. What you will want to do for the most cost effecttive is have 1 cnc and then create a vacuum formed mold to make the other 3. little more work on your part but far more easy on the pocket book. could I take a look at your 3d model? send me igs to

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Apologies. I hadn’t realized that it was for a client. FWIW, I’m a bit of a star wars nerd myself.

This guy just asked for technical help. I am not this guy, but I know he has a big project for a client who needs these. Please people, grow up. If you don’t have anything technical to add to the discussion, maybe just keep your fingees off the keyboard.

Wheeler Boyce has a prototype rotational mold making system. Without seeing the actual part, its hard to really say what type and how many molds you will need. But rotomolding soft vinyl will allow you to pull a pretty intricate backcut part out of a 2 piece mold.

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at “home” so guessing you’re pouring in something. might search Materials section for links to model shops. or RP houses. my experiences are having a shop make a positive and them making an epoxy mold off it. not sure how a straight RP mold would do (but curious).