Stopwatch project: styling/brand image

In addition to the topic i started in the general design discussion, called
Developing a sense of style in 3d forms,
I did a few designs for a stopwatch, to practice my skills in styling and brand image: a device which is not too difficult,
but still functional and you can associate it with a sports brand.

I did some sketches (i don’t have a scanner at home, sorry) and thought of new ways on how to hold the device.
Instead of the standard way, i decided to hold it more like a tv remote control,
which is more natural and the display is easier to read (no possible fingertops in the way).

Nike: aggressive and organic
Puma: retro, 70s look, metallic accents
Adidas: minimalistic, like Braun

It’s not finished yet, just a first start. Any critique/ tips are welcome, also how to improve the renderings in illustrator!

many thanks in advance!

I have a hard time seeing what you’ve described verbally. For example, I agree that Nike is aggressive and organic, yet the example you have illustrated although could be characterized as aggressive, is not organic. The balance seems off. Also from a user point of view it would seem very hard to use, and would probably pinch you if you were to put it in your pocket. If you look at Nike IDs that have been successful, I do believe that they convey this theory that you ponder. With that said, I think what you’re doing is on the right track theoretically, but you should push yourself in your designs.

I enjoy the fact that you are thinking of more functional ways to hodl and opperate the devices. You have the interfaces worked out, but we are unable to asses the actual form development of the product.

Please scan in your sketches so that we can see your work, and how you came to these interfaces, as that is really what you depict here.


Alrighty, I scanned my sketches in and combined them in 2 pictures. The first pic are my first sketches, before even thinking about branding. The second one is when I was working on the nike and puma concept.

I got some comments about the brand image of the concepts, which I didn’t really thought through. So now I’m redoing the nike concept.
their mission statement/values:
inspiration and innovation.
slogan: you’re faster than you think.
if you have a body, you’re an athlete.
When you look at their watches, is has a lot of full round fillets and thick edges (a lot of material between display itself and the boundaries of the watch)

With that in mind, here’s my second try:

You have to be very careful with asymetrical designs. I would model the shape quickly in foam and ask people to grab it without telling them how they’re supposed to. You may be surprised, then take that info and go back to the sketches. At this stage I’d stay away from the IL renderings, it’s flattening everything out without really giving more info. Keep with the sketches and get the forms worked out with that and some rough foams. Save the illus for the final fine-tuning of your form and color combos. Good luck, seems like a nice project, lots of potential.