Stopping Outlook from opening

Hi, I hope someone can help because this is driving me up the wall. When I’m at home I use my laptop on a wireless network and up until a few weeks ago when I wanted to open outlook express to see my emails I just clicked on it and when I did’nt want to use it did’nt bother me. NOW, whenever I fire up my laptop outlook automatically opens and starts receiving my email. This is a problem as when my girlfriend uses it she starts receiving my work email instead of me getting it.

At the moment I am having to switch off its wireless capabilities when turning it on and then after outlook has failed to connect to the internet I have to then reconnect to the network.

Anyone got any ideas how to stop this?

…remove outlook from your ‘start up’ folder…

start >all programs >start up

thanks for your reply, but outlooks not in there. Any other ideas?