Stop the press......isn't this illegal?

Do you agree that this is not ethical business practice?

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Came across this posting…why is this acceptable when a job posting like “white male industrial design position” is illegal? I think this is a step back for affirmative action, this company is pathetic.

what are y’alls thoughts?

------------------------below is the job posting--------------------------

Israeli Industrial Designers

Company: 500 Group Inc.
Location: US - Stamford, Connecticut
Posted: 01.28.2004
Field: Industrial Design


American industrial design firm, NYC area based, is looking for Israeli industrial designers.

Applicants must have excellent plastics part design knowledge, SolidWorks skills, creative and aesthetic sensibilities.

Previous experience at leading Israeli firms a plus, Keter, Zag, etc.

Minimum 1 year contract with a possibility of US residence sponsorship.

For more information visit


Applicants should respond to with a brief summary of their resume and career objectives as well as a link to a web-based portfolio.

No phone calls please.


Skills Sought::

Type of Work:: Staff

It’s possible that they were originally based in Israel and want to benefit the people that country. It even asks for people with experience at Israeli firms, so I’m guessing that is the case. I look at this as being no different ethically then a scholarship asking for a person of a specific race or home country. Who cares? I’d much rather spend my time working and proving myself then whining about being disadvantaged as an “average lower middle class Christian White Male.”

Although I don’t care for their technique, they are being open about their desires. It’s amazing how many prospective employers are actually seeking a very specific individual from a specific school, like their alma mater or from some prestigious school. Because we all know that if you went to one of the big well-known schools that makes you are great designer, and the rest suck. At least that’s the feeling I get sometimes.

In any case, this Israeli thing is a bunch of crap in my opinion, but hey, if they want to cut the amount of qualified applicants down, they are doing it the right way.

I’m going to go buy some brown shoe polish…

…I saw the same thing last night and thought the same thing. In the US it is illegal:
“Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, prohibits discrimination in hiring, promotion, discharge, pay, fringe benefits, job training, classification, referral, andother aspects of employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.”

I think it’s time to forward that ad to the DOL.

they will decide if it is illegal and enforce the law. Couldn’t one in theory apply to this position and then sue when not hired based on discrimination?
I think yes…but not my style…any takers?

This will be the first episode of 6ixTV (mentioned in an earlier rant by myself about jobs). My brother is in France right now finishing up his law degree, so I’m sure he would help out. Shoot, he’d probably enjoy it!

Wonder how long it will be until they yank the ad off Core?

Yes means agree its wrong. not ethical. No means disagree its wrong. it is ethical. confusing. should just ask “Is this ethical?”. one vote in 35 views. a “No”. so 100% ethical and majority confused.

It is legal, I think, and it is ethical. Perhaps they have many israeli employees and clients and their main business language is Hebrew. I think a more tactful way to say it would be “Hebrew language knowledge a must.” But this is not a racial issue. Israeli can mean many different things…not just jewish. There are israeli arabs, both christian and muslim as well. And they are all israeli citizens who can speak hebrew (and probably arabic as well) You wouldn’t be complaining if they were asking for “Japanese designers” or “Norweigian designers.”
Get over it and find a job on your own terms.

Quite true although if they were looking for a Hebrew speaking designer they would not be asking for an Israeli designer.

My gut feeling is they are looking for someone with knowledge of the culture or who currently lives there.

It is an unusual request. I’m willing to bet there is some reasonable, ethical as well as legal reason why they posted as such.

When you think about it this company is actually doing you a favor. This is what they desire. You could (a non Israeli designer) apply but it would be a total waste of time. If you are offended by this request then you know up front you don’t what to work for these people.

i’m really offended. lol. :bulb:

They should change their post and ask for designers with specific skills and background, instead of race/nationality.

I was curious so I sent a quick email telling them of this discussion and the concern it had raised. I immediately got back:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

Here’s what I heard back

Thank you for your message. We were setting up a new email system and that account did not transfer over. I am in the process of remedying that.

As for the ad, we did not wish to offend anyone. We were looking for people with language skills and who had networks within the Israeli design community

i know everyone in hamas. except they don’t do industrial design.

I have to agree with my2cents. This job likely has a language requirement. Either way the immigration requirement of qualifying for a H1B would require the company to go out on the limb. Foreign employees have to satisfy the requirement that their work product is important to the success of the us based company (or something likedat).

Designing a product for a foreign market, especially for the middle east, may have a lot of cultural issues. Another way to look at, this sounds like a cool job if you like working on products for a foreign market. And, they are hiring this “expert”.


i have a prejudice to admit to

i only hire plaid designers