stolen ideas: apple didn't build that

great ifographic, love Jonathan Ives comments

Jesus fucking christ.

Watch this, then I hope you will delete this topic out of shame:

Cry me a river. :unamused:

While none of those references are new, it’s kind of hard to call it stealing when half of them are “Company invented technology, company was bought by Apple”.

Plus some of those were wrong “Clickwheel interface invented on Nomad” - I still have that Nomad and it’s a 4 way switch…which was probably invented 150 years ago.

Inventions don’t make money. Products that people want make money, end of story.

with out the invention there would be no product…

Or if they didn’t make hideous bikes… They should stick to snowmobiles.

I think the reason people post these kinds of “Apple didn’t build that!” websites and forum posts is because the false myth of Apple is so widely accepted.

  1. Apple bought proven technology to stick into their products and they marketed these technologies in such a way as to make consumers feel as though Apple developed them in the first place. See iTunes and Siri for two examples.

This is common place in the tech world. Adobe only developed 2 programs in-house. Photoshop and Acrobat. Everything else were mergers and acquisitions.

  1. “Apple is a perfect hit machine”. No, they aren’t. But, like NBC with Seinfeld and Cheers, they stick with good ideas until they pay off. The iPod took 3 years to be an instant success. No other company or group of investors seem to understand that sometimes you have to wait for the consumer to catch up with your products.

  2. The recent patent wars. Apple isn’t the only one guilty of getting patents for stuff that should not be patentable. It’s all over tech. Remember British Telecom running around trying to enforce his patent on hyperlinks? That was 10 years ago. Our patent system is broken and while we don’t fix it everyone is taking advantage.

*Adobe developed Illustrator in house in 1986, but your point is still valid. Now look at them.