Stockholm furniture fair

Anyone attending stockholm design week next week?

alrighty, well i thought since nobody said they were going i might share a few photos from my trip:


I was most impressed with the super- dialed student work, but the whole show was great.

so much fun.

i will be going back for sure.


I was there with my class one day, for the first time, but I want to visit it again next year. Especially the Greenhouse, there were some really cool ideas there.

I attached some of my favourites from all of the fair, the Icelandic designers (the rocking chair and the dinner setup) had me smiling all day. Clearly my favourites among the established!

Three more pics …

awesome, thanks for posting the pics guys!

Fantastic, I love the clean looks that still have a little flair to them.

hey Himlar!

Is that last picture a chair from Dark van Draebik? Was he showing at the Stolkholm fair? if so do you have any other pics of his work? I am a huge fan, but it is really hard to find his work.

thanks a ton :smiley:

Sorry for the late answer, and for this; actually I have no idea. I think that pic is taken in the greenhouse (new designers and schools) if that helps you in any way. I’ll look though my photos and see if I have anything more, pm me an email so I can send them to you.