Stock Photography Sites: Have any good ones?

I’ve been using a lot of the free stock photography sites to get images for different things I make in PS. I’ve only found a small ring of the sites, does anyone have any they’d recommend? is the one I’ve been mainly using. Thanks!

sign up for free and you will have access to thousands of royalty-free, rather good looking, stock photos. great search engine within their site as well.

I use sign up and they let you comp everything without a watermark, which is nice for research that isn’t going to be released publically.

free user submitted stock photos

thanks a lot everyone

uh, flickr?


I’ll resurrect this thread to mention I have been using the site for a few years. They have lots of free images that are fairly high quality. I always search there first and if I can’t find what I want, I go with since they are really affordable and have a bigger selection.

Corbis and getty images have great photos, but I was recently searching for a relatively generic agricultural image for a web project and corbis wanted $400 for almost the same image that istock photo was offering for $1 :open_mouth: