Stock 3D Model Sites

Does anyone know any good Stock 3D Model sites for 3DS Max Models? I am looking for a Model of an rabbit to turn into an Easter bunny and although I could create it myself I just do not have the time. I have checked but have not found any good example. Hope you guys can help because I need to find this by the end of today.

Try 3DCafe:

Or 3D Total:

Check there. I think I got what I needed from them. We will see. Thanks for the help.

Doh - reading comprehension fail…sorry. :frowning:

No problem. The file I found is a Lightwave file. Did not realize that when I bought it. Is the a pluging out there to convert this for 3DS? It has all of it’s rigging so I would really like to keep that if possible.

Give Polytrans a try. It’s commercial but I think it’ll do what you need.

Great…Thanks I will check it out. I was really hoping for something free but I may need to buy it.