Stimulus Plan and Design - Article

Interesting article over at Fast Company…

It’s too bad really, I know we need to keep our priorities in line in this country but museum construction projects and civic beautification projects go a long way in making a community a better place.

You’d think by that article that the republicans were miserly scrooges just out to keep people living in squalor.

I tend to side with the GOP on this. The stimulus package isn’t the proper venue for making cities alluring and cool. Save that for another bill. The stimulus should be geared towards getting our economy moving again not every little pet project of every single member of Congress and Senate.

The argument is that with all the civil projects people will be put back to work building bridges, roads, museums…etc. My contention however, is that the New Deal / WPA programs of the 1930’s didn’t pull this country out of the great depression…the wartime industrial economy of WWII is what did that.

I’m not opposed to many of the programs and earmarks (and yes I consider them to be “earmarks” even though the Dems don’t want to refer to them as such), but man, this bill is not the right vehicle for that stuff.

Maybe I’m wrong, I hope I am as it looks like this kidney stone is gonna get pushed through anyway.

Yes, you have a good point there. This isn’t the forum for it. But I’m thinking there probably won’t be another opportunity in the foreseeable future for such funding. I guess that’s what bums me out, is that a lot of these projects will be put on hold until the economy turns around, and that has a direct effect on my livelihood.

“If you build it, they will come” doesn’t work in a down-turned economy. I believe you need to revitalize the economy first so people have the money to fork out $35 for a museum ticket. If you build the museum first, people only have the money to buy the ticket until it’s completed and the artwork is displayed, at which point, all the construction workers will lose their jobs because there is no more museum to build. Then, when it becomes a choice between paying the power bill or supporting the arts, the arts lose every time.

The numbers thrown out were recorded in 2007, when we were in the middle of a boom. Whispers of a bubble were just barely creeping in but no one was paying attention. I’d be interested to know how business is now, for those museums already in existence. Are they making the same money now, as in 2007? And if not, does it make sense to build another when there is no market to support it?

The best way to increase a city’s attraction is to provide economic opportunity, not pretty buildings, and government jobs at this scale are unsustainable.

its asprin for a hangover, helps a tiny bt but dont do squat for the core problem. Your right on what pulled us out of the depression, building stuff…LOTS of stuff for ww2.

I’m with you on that! Civilizations all need their public spaces beautified in order to make life better for it’s populace. I’m a nut for my local museums. However → This stimulus package is not about that. Its about getting the economy back on track. & frankly Uncle Sam needs to learn how to tighten up that belt like the rest of us have had to.

You’ll be happy to hear that my beloved Art Institute is FREE all during the month of February. Bring the kids!

You’ve never been to see the giant bean on a summer afternoon. It’s like a league of nations convention, you can’t even get close to it. Or those silly cows that have morphed into a cult following in towns across this nation (I can’t speak for overseas).

But I do completely agree that in order to have all of those great items to bring the folks in… you need a solid tax base that only comes from a solid economic base.