Stickies / FAQ suggestion

I was thinking about if it would be possible to set up some stickies/Faqs to increase the quality of the forum. Especially for some of the topics that people who post once or twise here, but occurr a lot.

Two frequents that come to mind:

  • Surveymonkey threads. Dont know if it should be put in Research, Projects or somewhere if its possible to have something thats visible in several subforums? One single thread where people can post their surveys, or where they can get merged to. Maybe the initial post in the thread could give some suggestions on how to create an effective survey, some tips or what not.

  • “Laptop advice”. On one hand its an ever changing market, but most threads are rarely that specific to really need their own dedicated thread. Wouldnt mind writing some tips about what to think about or look for or contribute to it one way or another.

Other topics that occur frequently but usually never lead to more than 1-2 replies.

I know this is asking more out of the mods/admins, and that spare time is a rare commodity. Theres also the issue if people would actually use the threads or not.

I think an FAQ section does sound like a good idea, and I believe it’s been mentioned in the past.

However, I think avoiding the typical “What’s better: Solidworks, or ProE” or “Will this Nvidia GeForce card render my design .321 seconds faster than this ATI Radeon card?” (The answer is of course, Yes in that instance…) would be important as they are very subjective.

Never the less, I was about to post a small How-To on how to properly embed a YouTube video, which could easily be posted in an FAQ section.

Any one else have any thoughts?

Yeah, the thing about the technical questions is the fact that the answers change on a daily basis. A faq on the subject would be more to guide and give examples of what to think about with a new workstation for example, like the back to school stuff. And more importantly a place for people to post those smaller Q’s which basically just need a yes/no answer.