StereoSpace: a Stereo Bluetooth Speaker by GMAY3 Design

Hey guys, I recently finished up working on this personal project that I started over in the Sketching threads. One problem with existing Bluetooth speakers is that the speaker drivers are so close together you’re essentially hearing your music in mono. StereoSpace a two part Bluetooth speaker that lets you separate it into two halves in front of you so can get a true stereo sound experience.

This project goes through the sketching process, foam modeling, and 3D modeling/rendering in Modo 902. It would be great to hear what you think!


This is a fun project!

If I separate the 2 speakers, would I have to reconnect 1 of them to my phone etc. to send audio to both speakers? Or would it process this by itself (master and slave style) for stereo sound?

Thanks a lot Andy! I was thinking that the default setup would be that both are connected to your phone as separate Bluetooth ID’s kind of like the Apple AirPods.

Also maybe if you connected and Aux cord into one half, it would swap from being connected to your phone to being connected to the other speaker so both play with one Aux input. But if both Aux cords are plugged in they would stop streaming Bluetooth, this way you could have a mini 2 person jam session with two synthesizers (one plugged into each speaker half) or just bring one half with you to save space and don’t need stereo sound in a noisy background, say at the beach or something. I wanted them to be super flexible for many applications.

I wanted them to be one product but two standalone speakers. If you drop one in the pool, or drop the bass to hard, you can replace it just one half kind of thing. :smiley:

I like it. It would be awesome if it was a modular setup, where you could just add more and more speakers to build a bigger speaker. You could have a pool party where everybody brings their small bluetooth speakers and links them into one loud boombox :smiley:

That’s a good point, being able to sync the halves would be really cool for this kind of setup. It’s something that’s actually available from companies like Sonos, where they are syncing and filling rooms or outdoor spaces with omnidirectional sound which is really cool!

This project has a bit of a different focus from that market, to allow a portable bluetooth speaker to produce stereo sound for more critical listening, more like the experience of playing a newly released album for the first time and wanting to listen to every detail in a seated environment. In doing some research for this project that’s something that audio producers and musicians really wanted!