stepping back

which would you rather choose:
staying in a full time design position in a struggling company to design or accepting an entry level position for a design consultancy firm?
currently m the only designer in the company and the project are going nowhere and there is some lack in direction from the management m trying to do self study by doing tutorials i read here in the forum to continously improve, on the other hand i think its still best to personally see and work with other designers directly to learn and exchange ideas…

can’t you just move in to a mid level role instead of a junior position?


I am in the same boat. I have tried to pick up some freelance projects here and there and at have also gone back and looked at some of my college project and taken steps to improve them. This can be redoing sketches creating 3D model, etc…

i pick the consultantcy. you aren;t moving “backwards”, you’re reinventing yourself. i’ve had jobs at companies and firms. i prefer the firms. the learning curve is steeper but you can learn and do so much more.

i watched charlie and the cholate factory the other day and there was a scene there, charlie’s grandpa adviced him to go choose want you really like to do rather than money (in my case salary and stuff) coz money they print everyday but the decision you make makes you happier and fullfilled… maybe something like that… the point is yeah i think that would be a better place to be more aggressive at work and enjoy more doing the design work.

thanks guys

Thats a good line. I think it is also important to think about your career several steps ahead. The job with lower pay might set you up for a better position making a lot more money 10 years from now. The high paying job might have specific skills that pigeon hole you with a pay ceiling 5 years from now…