Stephen Wiltshire

I did a quick search on the boards and didn’t find any posts about this guy. Friggin’ amazing. The guy takes a helicopter ride over a city and then draws it from memory.

That is amazing!

Wow! A-mazing!
I’ve always found autistic savants fascinating in that they demonstrate both the seemingly unlimited capacity of our brains, but at the same time the almost finite amount of energy we can apply to all our mental faculties. It as though we have a set amount of mental energy we can apply; and for the savant, what they don’t use for social and communicative skills, they can then apply to artistic or musical abilities.

Here’s another or Alonzo Clemens a savant sculptor

It makes me wonder a bit as to what someone like Michaelangelo was like. Was he a savant? Did he have social skills? What other people from history might have been like this?