Steam Iron

ordinary steam iron, maked in hurry, so it reflects in quality

feel free to comment and crit

Nice rendering. Lighting and perspective is nice and it shows the design.

The design is very conventional and piecemeal though (I know you said you did it quick) maybe try thinking of it more holistically, and try to make every element truly designed into the whole. Also try ironing a few things and see if you get any simple insights to subtle improvements…

How is it supposed to stand up? Looks tippy and topheavy. The nose is used most on an iron; why place the handle that far behind the nose?

Looks like the water tank area would aid weighting the nose but will also make it fall over easy. Nice to see the water panel very prominent.

Thin nose looks great for getting into tight spots- Nice change from the usual irons.

i’d have to agree on the comments thus far. as someone who does lots of ironing (im a perfectionist and cant stand un-ironed shirts or t-shirts, i’d say-

  1. nice rendering! what software did you use out of curiosity?

  2. functionally, it’s terrible, in my opinion-
    A. the front it really a large mass, which makes it difficult to see the point tip
    B. the front looks top heavy so it couldnt stand up
    C. the fill window is oriented to work when laying flaat, but usually an iron is filled upright (unless your is different, sorry i cant tell).
    D. the handle looks very far back, and agled downward which would hurt the wrist at the height typically used on an ironing board and be off balance
    E. the steam button looks fairly far forwad- too far to reach with your thumb while you hand is on the grip
    F. overall, not the pretiest.

I know you said the project was a quickie and dont mean to be harsh, but just thought some straight forward comments would help.



Thx very much for critics, i know there are all problems you wrote. My biggest problem was, that i was designing without any reasearch. Let it be the Example how not to design things!

Im using Vray render, if you would like some details, feel free to ask about it.

I’m afraid it looks too ordinary. You can make it better. How about a Perfect square iron? The shape you used is the common iron shape, used for all irons. Try making something unique. A special and a new shape.

Irons are pointed for a reason though, it would seem to be difficult to iron while pushing against a square edge…

but as you stated… RESEARCH FTW!