Steam Beta for Mac - May 12th

So they have this going for them…

can hardly wait… Need a better comp though, which is probably a good thing.

also, SC2 for mac, hooray!

I’ve got L4D and L4D2 and I’m really hoping they’ll port both. Right now I’m wondering what the portability constraints are going to be and what the OS requirements are. It would be nice to do some “team-building” at work on the 30" Cinema, but unfortunately we’re still running 10.5.8 or lower because of “standards” bleh.

Im totally out of the loop on FPS games, so ive never tried l4d.

Had to give it all up to get on with my life and school, otherwise id just have a whole lot of debt and no degree… (soon atleast) Stopped just around hl2. One of the reason I got a mac was the fact that almost no games were available

I’m dying to try TF2 though, and on a mac.
Promised myself a ps3 or an Xbox in graduation present, but I might just invest in a new lappie and a nice monitor instead. SC2 and Steam is making that choice even easier. Guess most games would run pretty smoothly on the i5 and i7 core?

Funny you mention that I gave up games (WoW) for school and now that I just got team fortress 2 because it was out for mac. It’s a blast, and only $10 right now :]