Staying relevant

No doubt small companies need to develop their own unique core technologies to carve a place for themselves. Communication technologies, techniques and procedures have become the focal point for improvements in the economics of new product development, package design, and……business in general. The majority of the thought process today remains stuck on the desktop with solutions offering to move completed files for a limited level of review, comment, and work flow processing. What economies will be achieved when we create working communities that tie together all stakeholders in lifecycle of individual product, product categories and company’s. Marshalling an idea from its very concept through to the customer and even providing for customer feedback, a community driven by the intended end user that incorporates the needs of each critical step in the delivery of the product. That seems to me to be powerful….

So do I. Which is why I’ve been blogging about that sort of thing for about a year now (and talking about it for much longer). PLM. Virtual worlds. New interfaces. RP/RM developments. Marketing/advertising as it relates. aso.