Staying in Milan during Salone....

…Has become close to impossible at this late hour…any suggestions?

find a room in Novara (30 min of train from Milan…and cheaper.)


Bump-- Need the same info. Can anyone recommend lodging with vacancy in Milan?

Bar Basso, you can stayas long as you are buying drinks

join the list of a few thousand looking for accomadation. its just too late now my freind.

sorry for the ignorance, what’s Salone?

ok guys, heres your solution:

I had the same problem a few years ago. i went to Via Camperio 14
in Milan. There’s a company there which can place you in a house somewhere in Milan. Its called eurohome and their website is I just went there lateafternoon and the same day i had a place to sleep If your lucky you’ll get a little palace for almost nothing all for yourself or little group. I ended up in some Milano ghetto with an italian family who could use the money better than hotels. I didn’t speak any italian except Pasta, mama miracoli and ofcourse pizza, but that all didn’t matter. I had the best time ever staying with a real italian family was a very cool experience.
I think it costed me like 30,- euros a night. Ok thats my story.

Good luck and have fun. I probably won’t go cause im broke :cry:

Your link did not work… any help?

here you go,

Zo Davy, nou staat ie mooi boven aan de lijst!

PAVIA IS 32 mins from milan central. I go there often, both to check stuff out and as an exibitor (yes I have also been once exposing at the satellite)

I would go for a room in Pavia, novara as suggested, or also bergamo, which is 1 hour away

sadly to not be closer to milan i’m 1h far from Milan station…anyway good luck.

Anyway, it’s good Novara or Pavia.
Or but it’s hard to find…a place in Bollate or Garbagnate.
Are two close small towns, linked with Ferrovie Nord (North Railways) in 15 mins to Cadorna Station…1E ticket.

Good Luck to everyone see you there.