Startup Wondering about How to Find Designers!

Hi there!

Thanks for reading – I’ve been on Core77 for awhile, but have only recently been browsing the discussion forums. I love, love, love, industrial design, but unlike most of you – I’m not blessed with the artsy gene. I’m in the idea-stages of starting up a sneaker accessory brand, and I really want to incorporate great design or ID elements to it, but unless you have loads of money it’s extremely difficult to find great designers.

I’m sure there are a bunch of sites or ways to reach out to great designers like yourselves (without spamming Core77 forums! :smiley:), are there any that you could recommend to me? Or any ways to go about finding great free-lance designers?
Or even, where I could find a creative partner and offer a percentage of future profits?

And finally, since I’m new to all of this and have never commissioned a designer before, what are some questions that I should be asking to make sure they’re legitimate and that I get good work?

Thanks a lot!

I actually saw your thread before, then the other below and didn’t realize they weren’t the same post. Anyhow, see the post in the below thread as I think it addresses most of your questions.


PS. I’d forget about the royalty or creative partner thing. I get asked this a lot and most of the time, it’s the first indication that the client is not serious or has no chance or it turning into a good project. If you can’t even pay for the design, how would anyone expect you to pay to make the project a reality? Design is such a small part of bringing anything to market, asking for a creative partner for free design is like going to buy a car, and asking if you can get the car if you just pay for one tank of gas, but promise you’ll be able to pay for the rest later (sorry, analogy a bit off, I know).


Thanks so much for the tips! Yes, I’ll forget about the percentage thing – you’re right, design is such a big element of my brand that I should guarantee some money.
I see that you’re based in Toronto, represent!