Startup company logo

Hi all. I’m looking at designing a logo for my startup company - we dont have a lot of money at the moment.

I posted about this a while ago, and now the company is registered etc.

Company name is SushiLogic Systems - a software company.

Is there somewhere that people can recommend as a guide to designing a logo etc? Does such a reference exist? Just do’s and don’ts?

At this stage I dont really have anything in mind - I need to come up with a logo that we can use on cards, web, etc,

I will give you the same advise.

  1. Go to the Earl Scheib of logo design and get some orangepeel for $99.

  2. Go to a student for $500-$1000 and you may get lucky.

  3. Get some referrals, get bids and hire an agency. It will cost $2,000-$15,000 depending on how much corporate ID you want or need.

I recommend #3 if you want to make a legitimate go of the company.

thanks - unfortunately we just dont have the money at the moment.

Maybe a temporary one to get things started.

get your hand on a book called loslogos and go from there

If you have no money, your best bet is to ask your associates/contacts if they personnally know a freelance designer. You will need to convince them of the value of your product/company, just as you would do if you were asking a bank for a loan. This way you MAY be able to convince them for a stake in the product/company to do the work. If the company works out, that stake should be worth more than the $2,000-$15,000 stated in my last post. You have to think of the designers work as a loan with interest. They will decide if they want to take the risk. An agency will probably not want to take that risk.

i’d do it. i would design you a logo. it would be good, and cheap.

but i can’t. 'cause i can’t contact you. 'cause you didn’t post any contact information. so, how should i contact you?

I would agree with Deez. I bet you could do it yourself or find someone who would do it for a very economical price. If I were in your situation and money was an issue, which it usually is, I would give it a try myself before I contacted any proven professionals. Go to the library, and spend a lunch hour sketching.

Here is a great link for a starting place.

If you need some help throw me an email.


Yea, don’t run around buying decals while your engine’s got problems.

If you have no money, your best choice is to ask your associates orcontacts if they personnally know a freelance designer. You will need to convince them of the value of your product/company, just as you would do if you were asking a bank for a loan.

I would somewhat agree with the statements above. If you don’t have any money to pay someone for their work, I would recommend starting with a very generic logo. Something like SushiLogic Systems in some font that can “designed” for free at Kinkos. This way your logo won’t “say” anything about your product and company.

I will warn you about trying to create an image and doing it poorly. IDers tend to be brand haters. I would be the first to agree there is way too much bullsh*t involved with communication platforms and ad campaigns. But brand does distinguish you from the competition. What do you want people to think when they hear/see SushiLogic Systems? If you don’t think it is important, do a word assocaition test with Apple, Levis and Volvo. Then do the same test with Dell, Dockers and Toyota. Your answers should be different for each one. IDers may bash the companies on design nuance, but the bottom line is ALL of those companies are VERY successful.

Your company/product is your brand. How you communicate its value through the product, its packaging, the logo, messaging, brochures, ads, tech support and other support materials is important. I recommend that all of your companies interactions with customers through the product and support materials communicate what is important to your success. Brand may not be as essential as some agencies may claim, but don’t be fooled into thinking it doesn’t matter at all.

I don’t think anyone said or believes brand doesn’t matter at all. That would be craziness.

It’s all about prioritizing. Especially for a dude who just started his company out of his closet last week. $xxx or god forbid $xxxx for a logo is like your first business purchase being an Aeron chair for your closet office and cardboard box desk.

Agreed on the craziness.

But are you saying design is a low priority when launching a product or company? Or is it that only graphic design is a luxuary?

Your company doesn’t make these does it?

Depends on the caliber of that launch. This case? yes, logo and company jingle is a very low priority.

I think with a start-up company, particularly one where the budget allowable is about a hundred bucks for a logo, it’s in a totally different category. We’re talking dining table office.

Even if he did spend $100 max on some student to design something for him, I wish him good luck with the advertising he’ll obtain with that perfect brand identity… spending over a grand on a logo straight out the gate is obsurd when your advertsing budget is most likely a penny saver black and white ad.

My point is, he has a boat load of more important things to spend his time on, if he just started out on his own, rather than worrying about a crystal clear company culture and logo colors.

p.s. did everyone designate who’s CEO, CFO, and COO yet? I’ve always loved that part!

sushilogic USBs? haha nice


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I would love to know the story behind the name of sushilogic

My point is that if he doesn’t want to give his product away for free, he should expect to pay for professional services. This has been a discussion thoroughly thrashed on this board. Also, if he can’t do a logo, he can’t do corporate ID or web or packaging or anything else he may need. The $2,000-$15,000 would cover some of those items also, it could go higher. Don’t forget the old joke - A hooker said she would do anything for me for $100. I told her to paint my house.

As for the name, my guess is that it is something with raw logic. Natural, factual no need for interpretation.