starting your own firm(?)

Hi i am a senior and will be graduating in may2005. I was wondering how designers go about starting their own firms…whats the best way to do this. Is it important to have a business background?

Just go to the core article archives, there’s a part 2 as well. Best of luck!

A firm that does what? Consulting? Manufacturing?

Many good books and articles out there on this. Depending on where you live and the inclination of businesses in your area to invest in this sort of service, you may stand a chance of eeking out a meagre living from consulting, but it’s very, very tough out there, especially now.

A business background is not necessarily helpful, but business sense is. The ability to sell the value of your services is more important than your design skills to survive.

Talk to others who have tried, who failed or who are still running and see if that type of lifestyle is at all for you. Don’t go at it alone either, get together a like-minded group of individuals from different professional backgrounds to stand any chance.

Most of all, do not attempt going into business because you cannot find a job, but do it because you recognize a genuine market opportunity.