Starting Salary

What would a starting salary be for someone with zero experience in the chicago area? What would it be with internship experience? Thanks!

$27,000 at best. I just made an offer to a new grad at $26,000 with no benefits or reloc.

This guy is full of it. You can do better.

I started my full time career 5 years ago with $32k/year, 401k and medical/dental in Rochester, NY working for a small company. I also had friends getting ID jobs right out of college at NB in Boston @ $40k/year with relocation included.


Maybe he/she quoted a little low, but I think $30,000 is the most I’ll offer for new grads. I’m the HR at HLB in Chicago.

You said it yourself. You have ‘0’ experience. ‘0’ experience means you should have less '0’s in your salary figure.

I expected to start at the 30k range in upstate NY… I got lucky and ended up starting at 39… i guess it depends on your skills and how you intereact with the people during the interview

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What I would like to find out is, of those of you that stayed with your first design jobs for an extended period, what was the increase in salary over the following year(s)? (Percentage-wise.) I know I personally jumped leaps and bounds once I had proved myself on a few projects.

Experiences anyone.

Kansas City and St. Louis are around $32,000 on average with benefits and an apartment in those cities runs about $500 a month for something nice.

In response to blink,

$30,000+ range to start

9/11 hit - business dropped off to nill - reduce salary by 15%.

Now back in $30,000+ range.

Bonus, increase, what increase. I’m lucky to get what I get.

Bad thing is that I’m not alone, those friends that are making more do so because their companies laid off the majority of the design staff to keep the rockstars onboard and happy. The rest are glad to not be laid off.

This is why Im getting out - this is why I now recommend young designers seriously think about saving all they can and consider a backup plan. I am not kidding at all on this one.

They do not respect design at all. Give you a little money to start and kick you off when you get old

Sorry to hear the MMJ. And thanks for the feedback.

I know after the dotcom bomb our company froze salaries for one year and then went back to the average 3%-5% but no bonuses. Now, standard pay rises are supplimented with higher percentage bonuses (8%-10% - unless you are the CEO,etc. then the skies the limit. Feel sick right now). The bonus looks impressive but you go at a snail’s pace with actual salary increases and you gain little if the board decides bonuses are not in order for the little people.

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everyone I know that recently graduated with me - breaks $40K w/ full benefits & relocation…

HLB in chicago not paying more than $30k?

give me a break!

douche, don’t believe 99% of things you read in an anonymous forum

i’m HR of HLB on mars. we give 40k marsbills

That certainly wasn’t HLB’s HR, mars is closer to right. super talent / even more…

my friend works at HLB. he just graduated and got offered $26,000. that’s pretty good.

I am with you on that one, anything below 35 would be a litle mad, I started on 38-40 six years ago, so I guess that should of gone up a little.

Stick to your guns…


That seems a bit low for aproduct designer at HLB. The last guy fresh out of school you hired makes more than that!