Starting out

Hi guys,

I am just currently starting my own company in Lecistershire and I am looking for someone to help me create the perfect look for my shop. I have found these guys they have done some impressive work for big brands, but think the company might be too expensive for a small company like me. Just wondering if anyone can recommend any other companies that give the same sort of quality of work.


What kind of Retail business will you be running?
The choice of the right partner depends not just on price but also on vision. Make sure you find a firm or studio that understands what it is you will be selling and your customer base.
The firm you have posted seem to be very commercial and quite bland to be honest. For some areas of retail, this might be appropriate though.
To hire a small design studio might be an interesting approach as you will find that the price is probably lower and you might get fresher ideas.

This is why it is hard to point you into the right direction without more info.

I have worked in past with Universal Designstudio in London as a designer and can recommend them as I always felt that they were excellent in tuning in to the client but also push their own creative ideas.
Check them out here:

Thanks for the information. I am starting a small clothes boutique. Not looking at spending a hugh amount as I am just starting out.

Really appreciate you taking the time to reply to me.


I PM’ed you with the details of a couple of people who might be able to help you out