Starting out...from scratch

I just recently became interested in ID. I am a recent college grad (History major!) and have thus far been pursuing Architecture. But out of no where came this new interest. How do I explore ID? I obviously won’t be able to get a job in any company wihtout any background, and I don’t want to jump into school with out knowing what I am getting into. Does anyone have any ideas how I can explore the field and get to know it better before making a committment I cna’t get out of? Also, is there a way to become a product “consultant” rather than a designer?

ID is a popular career choice for people who originally started in Architecture–after all, ID is relatively unknown by comparison.

You should find a good ID program near you and get a campus tour. Call up the top programs around the country and have them send you their latest catalogs (free, and they make good coffee table books.)

You should also check out for a good understanding of ID.

Becoming a consultant? Well, there are a lot of careers on the periphery of ID, like strategic planning, sales etc., but you’re still going to need some marketable skills to get those (even if you suck as a designer.)



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