starting my own design company... advices please!

Hi, I`m starting my own design company in Colombia (south america) with a really good friend.

The company is starting as a “satellite company” for a new women clothing and accesories store in Bogota D.C. called VLOR, we will be incharche of the manufacturing of Shoes, bags, t-shirts and some other clothes. Also we have to design a lot of those clothes.

We will also have a space in the store to sell our own products (of course they will be different than VLOR’s products).

The thing is that we’ll have our own office and at the beggining our big client is VLOR, and we can not contact any other WOMEN store to design for them here in Bogota, we can look for one in other city or country… what we can do is design for some MEN store, or design any other product different than WOMEN clothing. We want to create our own aesthetic, and design any kind of product base on that aesthetic. My partner is the lead singer of a well known but still underground rock band here in Bogota, so we want to design stuff for bands, stuff like clothing, accesories, posters, tickets, recording studios, furniture and everything for the rockers!

Well, I will really really appriciate any advice of you, any! we are just beggining this project and we accept any comment!.

thanks a lot!