Starting a new sexy mens clothing label, Please Help!!


Me and a friend are starting our own mens fashion label. We have just shifted our vision for our designs completely. We now want to just focus on designing really sexy mens clothing such as low cuts etc….
I haven’t seen many mens brands that do this besides dsquared and d&g (I don’t know if sisley creates sexy clothing for men). A really good example for womens clothing is Rock & Republic, you can just see by some of their runway shots that their clothing is really really sexy, the cuts are awesome & ladies just gotta have it.

I was wandering if anybody could help us in coming up with some sexy designs for men? or telling us which other brand out their designs sexy mens clothing for us to draw some inspiration from? Our first range is only going to consist of t-shirts & a few shirts, but we may also introduce others things such as shorts, trousers … if our budget is big enough. We have only come up with about 1-2 designs which I can say a really sexy, so I will appreciate anything that anyone has to say.