Starting a new portfolio...would love feedback on the old

I built this portfolio last semester and was happy with it for a few months. I am getting ready to start my new portfolio and would love some feedback as to what needs to change and what elements are strong. I have a competitive skill set and great work ethic, but am not sure if i show that graphically really well. I also seem to be “almost there” when it comes to my process story.

Please give as much feedback as you can,


An iphone case. OK, good ideas are hard to find :wink: “Medical symbols can be used for graphics” - No, they can’t.
The bottle opener: The round knob won’t do the job. Neither the tiny levers do. Re-examine the necessary torque and forces :slight_smile:
Despite the fact that drug injection equipment isn’t exactly everybody’s taste - a pro/con dicussion on a deprecated design variant doesn’t make you look like a pro.

Thank you for the honest criticism. I just want to make sure i understand you appropriately. Your advice to me is i should re - examine the way i discuss my projects (iPhone case and Insulin pump) as well as go back and thing about some re-designs where appropriate (the mechanics of the wine opener, making the pump more attractive).

When you say “No they cant” do you mean i didnt execute my idea properly or that it is a “lost cause”?

Is there any advice you can give me on my process and story?


I would recommed to host the pdf on some sort of viewer.
Many, me included, have an aversion to download stuff from the web.

About the iphone case: This area is quite overcrowded with zillions of designs. Just don’t expect people getting excited over another one.

I think no medical personnell would wear something with a red cross on it. Use whatever else, maybe improvise a clinic logo[/quote]

If you were focusing on designing medical equipment solely, the pump would be OK. But if you address a larger set of customers, as you do by presenting a corkscrew (on pg.9: The brass nuckles there are rather a weapon than a tool), your potential customers will be exposed to thoughts about chronic deseases, infusion sets, etc. just after a good glass of wine.

When telling your story altogether, select a few really meaningful pictures and use text mainly to describe the design task, the main functions of your product (and how your design follows them) and to add technical specifications like materials, production process, sizes, weights, etc. Especially when mechanics are involved, it surely makes a difference either a lever is made from polystyrene or from chromium steel.

Here are some of the more smaller, but important, layout improvements to consider…

The opening page, more specifically the font, is dated. Try a font that is sans-serif. Such as your resume.

Have someone look over your resume and portfolio for grammatic errors, there are honestly too many to name.

I like the white background of the portfolio, so the first project’s opening page looks dated as well. Just make it consistent with the others. The gradient used in the opening paragraph needs to go as well. The second projects opening page looks much better (excluding the gradient.)

The blue font on the grey background callouts is pretty much illegible.

Without question, I think the inSoulin layout is the best. Very clean and easy to navigate with the eyes.

Good overall work though, keep it up, and keep asking for advice during the process.