Starck vs. Jobs - Court seizes Jobs' superyacht!

Apparently Steve Jobs’ yacht has now been seized by the Dutch court due to a payment dispute!

Lawyers for designer Philippe Starck have sequestered the super yacht built for Apple founder Steve Jobs while it lay in Amsterdam port.
Court authorities boarded the brand new yacht ‘Venus’ last Wednesday with an Amsterdam court order and it is now literally chained to the dock. Port service companies have been instructed not to help it to leave.
The dispute centres on a €3m unpaid bill from Starck, who worked with Jobs on designing the yacht for years. His fee had been established at 6% of the cost price, according to Rotterdam lawyer Roeland Klaassen.

The yacht originally costed €150m, which would have entitled Starck to €9m. But Job’s heirs say the actual cost was €105m, entitling the French designer to no more than €6m. The bill for the remaining €3m has been left unpaid prompting the legal action.