Starck show will seek new designer

Looks like very interesting viewing! Anybody going to apply?

I thought design was dead? Oh well…


Ever since the first "american idol " auditions started (“Superstar” here in FRG) I feared that “design” could be the next best hype after everybody is done with “singing” and I am a “Top Model”.

“Designer” is a top notch dream job for lot´s of teens and twens, which are the core audience the TV Stations are loosing at the moment.
Since this Starck show is done with the BBC I´m still slightly hopeful, that it might convey a halfway realistic insight into the business.

Otherwise the effect could be the overkill to an already oversaturated market of “freelancers” and small agencies here in europe when these shows start to collect wannabe apprentice designers in droves.

At this time they will already be casting “star” designers for the same format on the continent.

Who will be the top judge for our castings? Rashid or Rams?

Or both of them in one jury?


I should apply, a vetern of the design wars for over 30 years…lol that would make great TV…and the first voted “out” when i confront stark on his “stuff”. :laughing:

That would make great TV!

wahoo can’t wait for that show.

Lets hope it sets an example of what good design is.

naw, lets hope its hopeless and funny.

as long as its some good TV

I just saw this over on dezeen

Dezeenjobs: TV production company Twofour are looking for aspiring designers to compete for a placement with French designer Philippe Starck in a new series to be shown on BBC2:

Internationally renowned designer Philippe Starck will be heading up a specially created School of Design in Paris. And he’s looking for untapped design talent in the UK to be his first students.

Ten aspiring designers with the talent, drive and vision to create the next ‘must have’ products of the 21st Century will be given the unique opportunity to learn and work alongside Starck and his team over a period of several months. At the end of it, one person will continue on for a six-month placement.

BBC2 will be there for this exciting and original new series, Philippe Starck’s School of Design.

To register your interest please e mail your contact details to You will then be sent details of how to apply for this exciting opportunity within the next 30 days.

Please mention that you saw this position on Dezeenjobs

on design week too