Starck Mouse

Was in a department store the other day and was surprised to come across this. Interesting direction Microsoft are taking with this.
It was actually quite comfortable to use as well, not something you would neccessarily associate with starck (apparently microsoft changed some dimensions from the original design).
Not the most practical mouse as has to be plugged into usb as it lights up… but then, who doesn’t have usb nowadays?

Comments and feedback?

It is nearly impossible to evaluate a mouse or any ergonomic tool by viewing an image, so I’ll have to see if I can find it and take it for a test drive. There are a number of mouse designs that when I first view them, I am impressed with, but later try to use one and become frustrated with the feel and and usability of the device.

With that said, I can say that this mouse looks interesting, but I am not overly impressed with the aethetics. It lacks the characteristics that I generally associate with Starck’s designs, a blend of smooth sweeping curves and a touch of hard surfacing to give a dramatic impression, but let’s not focus on the aethetics. I just hope that Starck learned something by the perceived failure of his product line at Target. I hope that this doesn’t follow the cheap feeling and poor manufacturing that seems common in so many of Starck’s products that are designed for the everyday consumer.

My questions is, would this design even exist without the STARCK logo molded into the housing? Probably not.

I will give Microsoft some credit in that they do appreciate the power of design. I have always been drawn to Microsoft mouse designs. They just don’t function well.

Sorry bout that… but thats what I get for not using the search feature eh. New to this forum so just feeling my way around at the mo. Not really the first impression I wanted to convey (one of ineptitude).

easy. i didn’t get that impression. its an old thread. just had some interesting comments. might be worth further discussion. couldnt help but notice the red turned blue.

Mouse Design 101

Brilliant form but but ergonomics blow. If you ever designed a mouse you’d know that you need an undercut on the sides for fingers. Waste of plastic!

says who, most do not most confortable have indent for thum, and reccesses for fingers on the buttons, no ondercuts. BTW find any manufacturing engineer who would allow such expensive slide tooling to be used on such a low cost item…

wouldn’t need slides if 2 pieces split down centre.

Like these

Stark Mouse already split down the center. dont pull top-bottom. pull side-side. minor mod to the return wall. run the blue part up unless you want variable wall on upper shell.

haven’t seen this in person. but think there are ways to mold thumb recess with little or no action and minor change to design.

I purchased the mouse as soon as i saw it in a magazine asuming that it would feel similar to the apple mouse due to its shape. However I was wrong, very wrong. I feel that because of the buttons length they are very hard to click and the feel of the mouse I thought to be cheap

but i think Apple is the best one i will keep forever…APPLE you are rock!!

i hate the transparent apple one because it’s just too small. Granted that we don’t rest our hand on the mouse body most of the time, but after 6 hours of Alias, my muscle begins to ache and it will be good to have somewhere my palm can rest on.[/img][/url]

I didn’t like the Apple mouse because when I used it, I would click inadvertently because the entire top surface of the mouse IS the button. It was horrible surfacing the internet…I would click on everything mistakingly.

I wanted to throw mine out the windo initialy (I only recently switched from the old iMac round mouse, which I’ve allready proffessed my apparently shameful love of). The pill shape mouse took awhile to get used to, when I wanted to drag I had trouble, when I didn’t want to click, I did… but after awhile my hand just got used to it. And it’s cooler than any of those silly looking Logi-messes. It’s a mouse, those things look like you could launch the space shuttle from them!