Starck Hotels

I’ve heard a lot about the Bon 2 restaurant in Paris, designed by Philippe Starck.
What do you think… Starck Hotels?

I’ve stayed at the Hudson and Paramount in NYC- both have great location. Our room in the Paramount was exteremely cramped, but the Hudson was very spacious. I loved the variety of furniture in the Paramount’s lobby and the Hudson had an amazing ivy covered glass ceiling and neon yellow escalator as an entrance.

I stayed at the Paramont a few years ago. The rooms were glorified dorm rooms. The headboard was cool - an over-sized Vermeer painting (enlarged 1000%).

I probably wouldn’t go back.

I’ve stayed at the one e did in London, St Martin’s Lane I believe. It was aight, nice bar. The room numbers are on the floor in front of the door, which sounds cool, but isn’t that great when you are checking in for the first time and have been an airplanes for an entire day, also it isn’t a very nice feature when you come stumbling back stinking drunk later on and can’t remember where they put they room neumbers.

Haven’t stayed in one, but did check out the lobby in the Paramount. It was okay…the highlight is the lobby bathroom. All the walls are mirrors.