Starck bike

The Newsom Ford concept has been well remembered in the forums, but what about other designer concepts. I noticed this one in a magazine this month. It’s a motorcycle for a French bike company, Voxan, by Phillipe Starck.

What do you think?

Wow more aggressive than I might have guessed from S+arck, pretty cool.

Would love to see some more angles though, a little hard to tell what the top of the seats and tanks look like.

Tank looks a bit awkward, but it could be the view of the photo. Overall I like it a lot. I like both of Starck previous 2 wheeled adventures, the Lama and the Aprilla Moto 6.5. Both from the 90’s.

The aesthetic was very different on these, but it was over a decade ago…

That Lama scooter reminds me of another pic I saw in the same mag. The Yamaha C3+ electric scooter:

I think it’s a highly successful contemporary re-interpretation of the classic scooter. Certainly, it is more inspired and less copycat than their Vino scooter:

Well first Starck may be a good designer, I use to love his designs.
But being a good/great designer and motorcycle rider makes not automatically a good motorcycle designer.

-Good formrelation between Tail-tank-part. But no relation to the rest of the bike
-Light mask no box shape relation to tank and seat but is more a flat pizza box that has been out in the rain.
-Relation rame tubes with bends (bens-straight-bend) does not work with the big radius exhaust on the right side and the Small radius with straight on the left.
-No relation between front and rear fender.
-If one decides to have square shaped tail /indicator lights and instruments. Why the round head light

Stack also did this Proto type for Aprilia, in 1998.

my 2ct :slight_smile:

I saw that C3+ as a Fuel cell Proto in Holland. Okay bit different but the front reminded me.
2 diving tank shapes in the back under the clear blue cover. Behind the seat.

The bike is not the most cohesive design, but I really like the product design approach that Starck has taken. This is not a bike that would appeal to everyone, but it has a distinctive quirky look that really stands out. Some of the details are particularly nice. I love the stitching and the way the leather wraps under the seat. The bevel around the inset taillight is a nice touch.

Here are some more pictures:

i’ve always loved that apriallia bike he did, but wow! the details on this are awesome.

What do you guys think about the headlamp? i like it, not sure why though…

Anyone who is interested should check out the gallery posted by mbd. It shows a few details that are not visible in the studio shots.

I do like the stitching on the seat. So often seats on bikes look really cheap (to me). This shows off the material and quality of construction. On the down side, the proportions look goofy in the side view. Plus, this thing looks uncomfortably wide to sit on.

that tank looks like a chest killer to me. if he were to rework the tank, or add an optional one, i think it would have more appeal.

i also think that area is one of the nicest pieces of the design. It is really nice… though I shudder to think what it will look like after a 10 minute ride on a wet road.
(just looking at that tank makes me ache a bit, jeez, radius that thing)

I like it a lot overall though and am frankly totally jealous. To get that level of freedom on so many projects must be amazing.

I completely agree! I really love his work and appreciate the fact that he does so little of it now days - he only seems to work when he wants to.

Plus, he can talk like a mad man while at the same time actually making sense