Star Wars vs Harry Potter

Who Wins?

  • Darth Vader
  • Voldemort

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I was having a debate this morning with my daughter (7.5) that seems to have two generations at odds. We’re both fans of Star Wars and Harry Potter, but we seem to be a bit polar in our belief in who would come out on top:

Darth Vader vs Voldemort

No comp, one has to speak to accomplish his task the other has to just think…

Force chock in a thought would immobilize the vocal cords!

True…but in Order of the Phoenix…one of the Deatheaters zapped Hermione with some kind of spell while his voice was blanked out. The spell wasn’t as effective…but still incapacitating.

I voted Voldemort thinking he is pure evil (like the Emperor in SW), Darth Vader still has some humanity in him… but now I’m not sure what would make you strongest… and lack of humanity (love) was the end of both of them come to think of it. And to reveal my HP knowledge: they do have unspoken spells (the strength depending on the skill of the wizard).

Anyways, I’ve always thought of Darth Vader as being more like Snape… as the stories progresses (if seen/read in the right order, that is 4-5 then 1-3 for Star Wars) you’re less sure what to think of them, which is what makes them great characters!

Since 7.5 yr olds don’t post on here Vader for the win

This is an amazing discussion.

Dude, I find your lake of faith disturbing.

Even though the relative power level of jedi varies wildly throughout the series, I’m gonna have to go with Vader.

Could a kid dressed as Voldemort have pulled of that awesome VW ad? Doubtful.

In case everyone is not familiar, here is an unbiased short video comparing the two. Darth Vader vs Voldemort - YouTube

My faith? I’m definitely back Vader…just sayin’ that like all good fights I believe the underdog has a chance to get in a few worrying blows. Nobody likes a blowout :slight_smile: