Star Wars Consumerism

So glad my son is only 2.

I have a 4 and 2 year old so I always find myself thinking “they don’t even know what Star Wars is yet, so why buy it”. I have been getting my 8yr old nephew star wars toys for a couple of years though including a brand new old school AT-AT in its packaging I got from a co-worker…that thing is awesome.

On a side note, someone had fun with this shower head. I would love to bathe in Lord Vaders tears… :laughing:

I love the expression of it all - I hate the wasted plastic of it all.

I saw George Lucas in NYC last year going into an office building…I just watched him, thinking…one little blip in his head expanded into some characters and a story and that evolved into some chapters of the story and it resonated with so many people that it is now worth 100’s of billions of dollars. His vision and his desire to follow through on that vision created the special effects industry - Skywalker Sound / THX / ILM, Pixar - astounding accomplishments. He didn’t just design a product or even a bunch of products, he surrounded himself with teams and teams of people who designed an entire universe of things and then created or evolved the technologies needed to bring those visions to fruition on film. Amazing. Does anyone remember seeing that land speeder floating in the first one in 1976, or Luke practicing with the hovering weapons trainer on the Millenium Falcon? - I sat in the theater blown away!

From that perspective I agree with you and totally respect those accomplishments, but Return of the Jedi was the beginning of the end of the franchise for me. A good documentary on Netflix right now is “The people versus George Lucas”.

If you have several hours to kill and want to watch a masters level thesis dissection and review of why the prequels were so awful, then this might be up your alley (NSFW-L/V), if you like the review then check out RedLetterMedia on YouTube:

Housemates and I bought one of these after Sunday lunch in the pub. Seriously overpriced, but you get a little giggle every time you sit down for Toast and Tea, just need to get some of those mugs…

Mugs available at Hallmark.
So what are the toast levels? Dark Side…Really Dark Side…sorry.
That shower head is hideous.

Ordered the mugs for my wife and I for our anniversary. She’ll love it.

Cool. After seeing the new trailer I can look past the crappy products.

See - if it was a mouse droid, or that droid made of two polypro storage bins that is getting its feet burned in Jabba’s palace, made into a toaster, that would make more sense. Or a TIE fighter that shoots ketchup.