Star Wars :: Action Figures

I am just having a wee geek out. My Mom sent my kids all my brother and my old Star Wars Action Figures. Some of the best ones are missing (R2D2) but Darth Vader with the extendable light saber is in there :smiley:

I am not sure who is more excited, me or my kids!

That’s money, I think Jabba the Hut is somewhere lurking in my basement…If I regret anything it’s letting my Mom sell all my He-Man toys to my cousin and putting all my GI Joes through all manner of destruction :frowning:.

But, I did keep all my Legos from the 80’s and 90’s in good shape, dug them out a few months ago just for giggles.

I had that Darth Vader carry case too! Dang, wonder what happened to all my stuff…

Brings back good memories, thanks for posting

So sweet!

You’re letting your kids play with them?! :open_mouth:

EXACTLY! TAKE THEM AWAY!!! They should be permanently sealed in an air tight container.

Do you have the cantina band set? Greedo? Hans in carbonite?

That’s taking it a bit far but whatever floats your boat.

Wait. If you don’t have the original un-opened packages, they’re worthless.

Ya, these figures are all VERY well loved. I would imagine they might hold some value to someone, but nothing compared to an unopened or mint condition set of figures.

Still sitting in my Mom’s basement is the Millenium Falcon, the Landspeeder, and an AT-AT. A bit big to ship all at once…let alone finding the space in our house for all that stuff.

There is a big box of this stuff there as well. My brother was big into He-Man also…so I am quite sure there are several of those action figures down there also…as well as GI Joe.

Next time I am home, I need to dig through the coffers and see if I can find my original Dungeons and Dragon’s books. Can we say Monster Manual, anyone?


All of my childhood toys are long gone, but does anyone remember:

  1. Big Jim, with the kung fu grip
  2. Evel Knievel with bike and motorhome
  3. Six million dollar man action figure
  4. The old GI Joe action figures with real beards and a scar on the cheek.

I am really aging myself now :slight_smile:

I had the 6 million dollar man, the Evel Knievel, and I can raise you a Stretch Armstrong!

I love the old vintage toys, especially when it shows that they were actually played with. I think i have some sort of patina-fetish.

But i feel like such a toddler since im sporting ghostbusters and transformers toys. Lego should be mandatory for all kids though.

Does my NES and gameboy count? They have the ultimate beige color now, and are still standing in my shelves. Think ive spent more time on those than anything else i own.

OOOH! Forgot the Stretch Armstrong but I had one :slight_smile:

How about Lincoln Logs

Yup, had lincoln logs too…and erector sets.

I had a Stretch Armstrong given to me for my first communion. After a few days the sharp corner of the kitchen benchtop put a hole in his chest and this clear silicon-stuff started to weep out. More fun was had trying to then see what was inside him.

My brother had the 6 Million Dollar Man, with the orange girder. He always felt ripped off because everyone else had the better later model with the engine block.

Me and my brother loved Star Wars figures, but my Mum (bless her) would buy what she could afford, which was always the unpopular figures on special. So we had an R2D2 each, IG-88 (the skinny robot bounty hunter from ESB), a few snow troopers. Then one christmas she bought us an X-WING FIGHTER WITH LUKE IN HIS ORANGE REBEL UNIFORM!!!
(sorry, Christmas 1980 is still very exciting).

I remember a few years ago they brought out a series of concept vehicles for Star Wars:

If you added in 2 miles of Orange Track you’d have my childhood

I still have most of my toys at moms house from the 80’s. Although back in the late 90’s i sold all my transformers and thundercats for like 2 boxes of basketball cards… Doh! :angry:
But i still have some classics there (all my he-men, some inhumanoids, gi joe, etc). I should be moving into my first actual house next month, if so then i will take possession of all those toys again, i will surely be adding some eye candy to this post then! :sunglasses:

Oh yeah! Hot wheels and the orange tracks with purple connectors that looked like tongue depressors :slight_smile:

I love it! I can’t wait to see some of those!

Just this past weekend, I was at Toys R Us with my kids buying a birthday present for a party they were going to. I was eyeballing the Hotwheels track for my son (he’s 3.5). Most of the stuff I saw though, was already pre-visualized…as in they had loops and jumps already built and had some kind of motorized roller launch the cars through it.

For me, 90% of the fun was setting up the orange track to run off the top of the Grandfather Clock, down under the couch, over the TV, around the dog, and jump over the toilet (hopefully). Kids these days have no imagination :wink:

I usually set up a huge bend making a right hand bank straight down the stairs. Used the base for a loop as a ramp and sent cars through the drop ceiling in the basement. Good times!

Orange track is really the only reason I stop at any garage sale these days…