star-prototype opinions?

Has any one used this chinese company for prototypes? If so what was your experience? Where you happy with the quality? I plan to have a pattern made their price is 1/2 price of a shop in the states.

not to hijack this thread…but i’m sure that your fee is 50% in China too…

saving money always seems like a good idea until its at the expense of your job.

sorry if that came off as…as whatever, but I hate the idea that people are willing to disconnect themselves so much from the process.

Maeda has the right idea…get your hands dirty.

yup I’ve used them.

positive: Quick turnaround for a complex job, kept me updated at every stage of the process…cheap

negatives: inconsistent on finishes, alu weld was used as a filler.

Overall I would use them again for a rush prototype job is no one close by could do the job but not for batch production.

maybe it’s will a good supplier , why not try? A perfect supplier is a important things.

ummmm…no. Try that again.