Stanford's Product Design Program

anyone knows about the Stanford’s product design program? is it good or bad? does is it worths to being accepted? is it easy to be accepted?

which universities have the best product design department in USA? can anyone rank them?

Looks very hard to be accepted as they only take 4-6 every year.
how much does it cost?

The program at Stanford can be very difficult to get in to, and it’s relatively expensive.

The curriculum is here: Stanford Design Program

More info on cost:

Girebilirsen mukemmel bir program (yani en azindan benim gibi muhendislik ve design’i birlestirmek isteyenler icin.) Gecen yil denedim ama giremedim suanda bulundugun okula,universiteye ortalamana ya da mezunsan cok saglam portfolyo istiyolar.
Gecen yil amerikadaki cogu okula basvurdum, ve baya bir arastirma yapmistim eger bir mail atip kendinden bahsedersen belki daha cok yardimci olabilirim.

The best design education will be from the big name art schools: RISD + Art Center etc…If you are interested in excellent academics outside of studio, then Stanford or Carnagie Mellon (particularly if you want more engineering). If you can’t afford those schools, then establish in-state residency and attend either Arizona State or U. of Cincinnati. for 1/5 the tuition you’ll be producing professional work by graduation.
There is an informal ranking of design schools by ID magazine in the Oct '02 issue you migh check out.

I hav contacted the prof and students from Stanford PD. What i learnt from them is it is the portfolios that really matters. Their curriculum is very vague except for the basic subjects.

I’m a engineering (UG) graduate from India and am very very passionate about creative product design. Even I dunno the real difference between

  1. Product design
    2.Industrial Design
    3.Interactive Design

Some one here pls enlighten me about this.