Anyone hear from Stanford Product Design yet?

99% of people on these boards arent worthy of anything stanford.

What do you mean by that?

I also applied, I haven’t heard back yet.

We’ve never interviewed anyone worth a damn who came out of Stanford - and only worked with one person as a client who had a degree from that program - so don’t feel bad if you don’t get in, you’re probably saving your money.

what does your company do?

product development and industrial design for silicon valley companies and occasionally start ups

So why do you think the Stanford program is crap? its not an MID, but M.S Eng. People probably come out of it with different education than Industrial Design.

Basically the perception has been that specializing in neither ID nor ME nor PD, but all three from a problem-solving perspective has produced graduates who are suited best to very high-level, analytical design groups…but rather useless for the day-to-day deliverables of most firms in the skill sets of CAD, sketching, product development, aesthetic development, etc…

I want to say that I don’t think the program is crap, nor does it produce crappy grads, but that the intent of the program and skills of the grads are not useful for the bread-and-butter ID work that keeps the profession going. I suppose its good brain work for those who want to be professors someday. For my money I’d go get some classes from Art Center, CCS, or CCA in SF.


It is engineering with Art appreciation

The weakest point of Stanford’s program is equipping students with proficient drawing skills necessary in the ID profession. Maybe things have changed since I went there (about 8yrs ago for undergrad), but that was how I felt after finishing the program. Regardless I still enjoyed the interdisciplinary background that the program gave me. Currently I am a designer in the athletic footwear/apparel business.