Stanford industrial design school?

HI, all

Is there anyone knows about Stanford ID program.
I’ve heard that Stanford has ID program.
first of all, is it true that they have grad program for now??
any information about admission or program and how much value of it


From what i’ve seen and heard it’s more of an intellectual industrial design school.

Stanford does have a product design program. I hear that it is much more engineering and theory based than other ID schools. Graduates may have a good knowledge of materials and processes, but may not be able to sketch and make models well. AAU and CCA are good ID schools in the Bay Area.

can you show me where they say anything about admission? Looks like a fundraising brochure to me

I’m not sure if the product design program requires an additional admission than from the university addmission. You do know that Stanford is a very hard school to get into. You need to have over a 4.0 GPA and possess some extra talents.

Why are you so interested in going to Stanford?

Last I heard, Stanford’s ID program isn’t even accredited.

But I think they are least bothered about it because of its strong course program and a very good network.

One thing I need to know, in the US, what are the accreditions a graduate PD/ID schools should have?