Stanford Design School:

If you haven’t already heard about it, now you have:

David Kelly from IDEO is the man behind this “prototype” school. There is also a brief mention of the school in this Business Week article about IDEO.

Tell me how you found the link to the brochure. I’ve gone to the Dschool website you’ve listed and there’s no working link. And when I emailed the “contact” given for more information, I received no response.

I have an inside source: Google. :wink:

Excellent. Do you think Google would respond to my requests for more information? :slight_smile: If you note, there’s no link from their main site to their brochure. One wonders if the school is up and running if the website isn’t.

Guest, did you follow the links? You’re the only one wondering.

This school is not up and running yet. They’re trying to fundraise for it. It will take some time for a project that big to become established. It’s just a prototype right now. I assume this means that they are utilizing Stanford’s Product Design program to test new academic programs which is currently under their Mechanical Engineering discipline.

Tell the contact you want to donate some bling-bling and they’ll probably be quicker to respond.

Link didn’t work when I tried it yesterday either. But it works for me now. Looks interesting.