Stanford project


We are students in the new Stanford with a class called “ bootcamp.” Our most recent project is an excercise in entrepreneurship and our task is to raise as much money by Sunday afternoon.

One of the things we are doing for this is selling our PowerPoint slide for our presentation on Monday for this project.

For $30, you can project your company logo or anything else you want FULL SCREEN on our power point slide. This will be seen by sixty product design, engineering, and business school grad students along with sixteen members of the design faculty including people (and maybe the founder) from IDEO.

Half the proceeds from this project will be pooled for a class event and the other half will be donated to a project helping children of Bangladesh with their education.

This is a very unique and memorable advertisement opportunity that will be sure to be rumored about after the presentation.

If interested, please e-mail

Thank you.


surely you don’t mean anything
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I’m interested to hear how this pans out

Both how it pans out and how/when the project started… though I suspect this is a hit n run post.

Wonder if there’s a link to this over on the .edu?

its not a hit and run. (i do like that terminology though)


Then … uh … what about “anything”. And when did this project start? It sounds very “Apprentice”.

Would like to mention this on my blog. Bit more info would be nice. Might also be advantageous.


aaah, how to create buzz in the design community using design thinking? cute concept.

The presentation slides are all sold out. Thank you everyone for your interest!

I’ll talk more about this project when I have time. Maybe after the project is over.



Now I want to know # of slides.