How many of you stand over your drawing table when you sketch? Do most of you sit at a drawing table? I was going over the DVD with Jim Orr and he suggest that you should stand up when one does sketching. thoughts

The motiviation behind standing up tends to be for giving you better control of using your whole body to draw. We were required to build a standing drawing table during our third year, but not many people ended up using it. The best artists in the class were still people who sat down.

Not to say it’s a bad idea, but you should try it and see if it works for you. In the end sketching is all about finding what works for you. Whether thats pen or pencil, paper or digital, standing or sitting, etc. As long as you can communicate your ideas quickly and effectively no one will care about how you came up with the drawing.

I prefer siting, but being a bit high over the page. Another reason for standing is you tend to be a bit farther and over the page, vs lower, and angled back from it.

I sit most of the time. Standing is a good place to work on drawing from your shoulder.

“stand over your drawing, draw from your shoulder, keep it light until it’s right.”
Jim Orr is stuck in my head.

It’s not a bad thing to do / try, if it helps then why not.

There’s no magic formula to sketching better, it’s much more about putting in the hours, but not blindly, you need to have an idea what you’re working towards, benchmark sketches you like and so on. Pound out the hours on the fundamentals and you may be surprised what starts to happen, standing or sitting.