Standard contractual form

Is there some kind of standard contractual form for a contract between a designer and a business?

…the only ‘boiler plate’ i use is a non-disclosure agreement…the quote is usually just an email containing project outline with schedule, deliverables and cost…the agreement is made by email reply and confirmed by phone.

there are tons…

Start with…

First try IDSA IDSA has an entire collection of standard forms. If the website won’t provide call them at 1-703-707-6000.


I would also advise to thoroughly read numerous examples of such documents, learn and understand different nomenclature for similar contractual concepts and then write your own.

Reason is this: if you adopt a standard contract template for your project will you actually understand everything about it and its terms and conditions as a contract enforceable by law? Should your client ask for clarification on such and such clause or term and condition, what are you going to say?

Using a standard contract template is akin to using a standard design template, which most here would not advise, would we?

Good point.

Here’s another view. I know a company, about 4 million in anual revenue, that works entirely without contracts. sounds crazy I know but they verbally propose work, do the work and send an invoice. The increments are small enough that there is never too much exposure. If the bill is not paid they stop working. Period.

Sort of refreshing to hear isn’t it.