Stainless steel trend

An interesting article about the decline of stainless steel in the kitchen… for those in the housewares industry and following trends.

“White is the new stainless,” a Whirlpool news release says.

Oh god…I hope we’re not about to enter another “let’s paint everything white” era.

After Stainless, now what? was in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal.

Some interesting observations. I’m more than ready for something different. We bought a Miele dishwasher in stainless… mistake; it’s a constant battle to keep water stains off the front of it. Bosch, double oven, also a mistake … didn’t pay attention to “lessons learned” from the dishwasher event. Since a kitchen appliance life span is somewhere around ten to fifteen years we’ll be stuck with them for a while.

I think Lenzi’s crew at GE is onto something. A replacement for our 26 year old :open_mouth: Sears refrigerator, and the 20 year old gas cook top are overdue so I’ll be interested to see if their “slate” finish will work with stainless. I’m really more interested in how easy it will be to keep clean.