Stainless Steel Substitute

With stainless steel prices as they are, does anyone have any advice on what are some cheaper substitutes are for stainless steel sheeting with a #4 brushed finish? Other metals, polymers…? Thanks for your time.

Is the application purely decorative or somewhat structural?


The stainless steel is somewhat structural. The material currently specified is 22 gauge stainless steel, but it only has to support the weight of a small book, so the structrual aspects are not extremely important. Would electro-plating a cheaper metal, or using a polymer with a metalic look or finish be cheaper options? Are there other materials or processes that I should consider? Thanks.

How much cheaper?

Aluminum looks pretty similar- the color’s a little lighter, and it scratches more easily if you don’t anodize it.

There are some plastic adhesive films that look sort of like stainless. I can’t remember the manufacturer, but if you google “faux stainless steel” you’ll some places selling it.

There are also metallic looking laminates (like Formica) available. Try

Great suggestions Scott. Much appreciated.