St Louis area firms, any info?

Hey everyone,

I am a student looking for an internship in the St Louis area for the summer. I looked on here, IDSA, and SBC. Found a few, so can any one tell me anything about these firms.

Design Lines Studios
I-Design LLC
id8 Design Solutions
Metaphase Design Group
Premier Design

M deSign Inc.

SBC directory search:
DZYN designs
Objex Design LLC
TRG (Friend told me they do swiss army, calloway (sp?) golf, and Soren bags)

Whats up.
I actually worked in St.Louis for awhile, was pretty good but not a lot of choices. I started doing freelance projects and I worked a bit with TRG, Premier and Cerf Brothers Bag Company. Tried to get into Metaphase but guess I wasnt good enough and i actuall know a guy over there…oh well, I have a great job now. Anyways Metaphase is the biggest known ID firm around there. Bryce is very intelligent and very focused on ergonomicis…very technical
Anyways, yes TRG ( in Olivette ) has/had the licencse when I was “working” there for Swiss Army, Timberland and Soren (Target brand) Bags and softgoods.
Premier Design, kinda sorta worked on a project with them. Jeff Mishkin, the Pres. and Corey Feit (lead ID) are cool people…very helpful and I almost signed on there if they got the jobs they were hoping to. Cerf Brothers Bag Co. (Earth City, MO) is a cool place. Worked for awhile with Cory Nykoluk there. Great guy and very talented. They have the license for Columbia Sportswear Bags and softgoods, as well as Covert (snowboarding gear). Great people there…dont know if they are looking for anyone but it wouldnt hurt to try. If your an IDSA member look them up online and give them a shout. Wish I still had all their info as I would pass it along.
Also check out Cardinal Brands…
They have a small inhouse ID department there as well. Other than that, cant think of much other stuff closer. There is a division of Little Tykes in MO. but they are way south of St.Louis…2+ hrs.

Good luck