SSL Certificate Expired

Assume I’m not the only one getting an expired certificate error? Says the cert expired last week.

Yep, I have to click through a security warning page to visit the forums now


Should we consider this the beginning of the end that we’re only a database error away from losing this site for good?

“The site doesn’t get much traffic”
No one can log in
“See, told you no one uses it, lets trash it”

The Core staff are working on this. It should be corrected soon.


SSL certificate renewals are usually two clicks on your hosting platform or a single command on the server shell. Did the IT guy leave and we’re all hanging by a thread?

The boards are on a different server than the rest of the site, which puts a few zig-zags into that normally straightforward process. The IT department has a big launch coming up and will be able to address the SSL after. Sorry about the delay.