SR-71 Blackbird Titanium and Nickel materials available

I now have available Authentic SR-71 Titanium and Nickel pieces and parts available for purchase. These parts were actually parts on the aircraft.
These are very rare items. NOT available anywhere else.
Contact me, Dan at

This is a design blog not classified adds!!!

Was the SR-71 Blackbird the pinnacle of modern day aircraft?
Does it not still hold many aviation speed and altitude records?
If it wasn’t for the development of the Blackbird we would still be trying to get into space.
Do you not think that today’s designers would be interested in the availability of materials not available to the public?
This is not a classified add, It is information as to the availability of very rare materials of interest to designers.
Where can you find items like this that have endured record breaking speeds of over 2200 mph at the edge of space over and over again, items that have endured over 35000 lbs per square inch of thrust pressure, while at temperatures in the thousands of degrees, and oscillating resonations high enough to shatter bone.
If you can tell me where you can find this material available for public purchase I will concede that this may be a classified add.

Try eBay, Craigslist, or take out an advertisement here. Your post is an advertisement for sale and not acceptable etiquette.

great airplane, however as all the tooling for the sr71 and 1-12 were distroyed its highly unlikely that your bits are off that aircraft.

Yes, the tooling was destroyed but that doesn’t mean all the spare parts or replaced parts were destroyed.
Thats what makes these parts extremely rare.
You can say its unlikely, and be so sceptical, how can you say that without even checking it out. It sounds like your being a bit unscientific to me.
But then, you may think the world flat?

Since it’s so damn rare, why don’t you just keep them to yourself?

I’m not really sure why spare parts from the Blackbird would be useful to a designer.

If they’ve already been manufactured into components then it’d be rather useless for any kind of prototyping, the parts themselves can’t serve any other roles, and for the most part 99% of those space age materials are useless in a field where we rely primarily on plastic. In the VERY rare case where high tech materials like titanium would even need to be used, they’re still available (though for high prices) from most manufacturers.

If you want to sell aircraft memorabilia, you’d be better suited on Ebay. Just because somethings been on a plane doesn’t make it any more useful for design purposes. There are no products that anyone here has design that reach the edge of space or mach 3…well, maybe the shoes, but thats probably it.

I did make a very cool (but dangerous) coffee table out of titianium (bought the stuff from boeing surplus)…I want to buld a “impossiably thin” table, sure did and the edge could lay you right open (it was .060 thick)

Sneak into area 51 and search for it. :unamused:

The first SR-71 test flight was in 1962, 4 years after we started launching satellites, and a couple months after John Glenn first orbited the earth. It was a cool plane, but it had little to do with us getting into space.

Also, the materials used in its construction are now widely available to the public. What you’re selling is memorabilia, not something particularly useful to anyone making products today.